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Female portraits Gallery

Gainsborough - Countess Howe J880100
Vermeer - The Guitar Player J910551
Jervas - Elizabeth and Henrietta Finch J030048
Dahl - Elizabeth Grey J980150
Richmond - Emma Darwin J980021
Sargent - Margaret Hyde, Countess of Suffolk J020044
Lawrence - Miss Murray J910513
Gainsborough - Lady Brisco J900289
Romney - Mrs Crouch J910505
Romney - Lady Hamilton at the Spinning Wheel J910506
Caroline Darwin K980357
Jervas - Henrietta Howard J920090
Reynolds - Kitty Fisher J920722
Elizabeth Cecil, Countess of Berkshire J920198
Romney - Lady Hamilton at Prayer J910507
Reynolds - Lady Diane Beauclerk J910495
Reynolds - Mrs Musters as Hebe J910498
Haytley - Elizabeth Wandesford J920265
Reynolds - Lady Louisa Manners J910531
Reynolds - The Laughing Girl J910497
Gainsborough - Miss Brummell J910539
Larkin - Lady Dorothy Cary J920335
Hoppner - Mrs Jordan as Viola in Twelfth Night J950225
Lely - Queen Mary of Modena K090005
Larkin - Elizabeth Bassett J920331
Wissing - A Lady as St Catherine J900193
Lady Emily Howard J030127
Reynolds - Lady Chambers J910500
An Unknown Lady N070513
Carpenter - Georgiana Thellusson J950101
Coello - St Catherine of Alexandria N100421
Larkin - Elizabeth Drury, Countess of Exeter J920156
West - Anna Maria Schutz J900315
West - Katherine Clayton J900311
Elizabeth Howard J920197
Aikman - Lady Mary Savile, Countess of Thanet J920312
Aikman - Lady Dorothy Boyle, Countess of Burlington J920311
Johnson - Margaret Hallyday Lady Hungerford J910218
Hudson - Margaretta Mabella J920110
Catherine Hyde Duchess of Queensbury J920089
Hayman - Girl on a Spinning Wheel J920088
Von Amerling - Portrait of a Young Girl K080004
Romney - Anne Countess of Albemarle and Her Son J910502
An Unknown Lady called Titians Mistress N070681
Rubens - Ana Dorotea N070581
Larkin - Lady Isabella Rich J920337
Portrait of a Lady J910509
Larkin - Anne Cecil J920336

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