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Deer FF003098 Featured Animal Magic Image

Deer FF003098

Richmond Park, Kingston Upon Thames, Greater London. A herd of fallow deer lie on the grass. Richmond Park is a royal deer park with pre 15th century origins, imparked by Charles I and improved by subsequent monarchs, Richmond Park has been a public open space since the mid 19th century

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Animal, Deer, Parkland

Donkey in the Well House, Carisbrooke Castle OP06136 Featured Animal Magic Image

Donkey in the Well House, Carisbrooke Castle OP06136

CARISBROOKE CASTLE, Isle of Wight. Jacob the donkey in the well house's sixteenth century tread wheel at Carisbrooke Castle, with the well shaft in the foreground. The donkeys at Carisbrooke Castle are always given names beginning with J'. When Charles I wrote letters or was planning his escape route whilst a prisoner at Carisbrooke, he always signed his letters with a J'. So, for 150 years, all the donkeys at the castle have had a name beginning with J'. Photographed by F. N. Broderick. Date range:1850-1900

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Dog AA086653 Featured Animal Magic Image

Dog AA086653

A springer spaniel peering out from a small circular hole cut into the wooden plank door of a barn or similar agricultural outbuilding. Photographed on a farm in an unidentified area of Cornwall by John Gay. Date range 1950-1958

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Animal, Dog, Door