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Copley - William II, King of Holland / Prince of Orange N070512 Featured Waterloo Campaign 1815 Image

Copley - William II, King of Holland / Prince of Orange N070512

APSLEY HOUSE, London. "William II, King of Holland when Prince of Orange" (1792-1849) circa 1813, by American painter John Singleton COPLEY (1737-1815). WM 1542-1948. Took part in the Peninsular War as aide-de-camp to Wellington from 1811-1813. Returned to the Netherlands in 1813, becoming Crown Prince in 1815. During the campaign he was appointed Major-General and led the Dutch-Belgian contingent of 30, 000 troops. Commanded the allies with energy and bravery at Quatre Bras and Commanded I Corps at Waterloo, where he was wounded. Criticised for tactical misjudgements that led to many casualties, which Wellington attributed to a lack of command experience

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Prussian soldiers J840001 Featured Waterloo Campaign 1815 Image

Prussian soldiers J840001

Engraving of Prussian Napoleonic soldiers produced in Berlin. Foot Artillery drivers ("2te Artillerie Brigade") and a Jager (light infantry "2te Jager Abtheilung") on guard at a sentry box. On 18th June 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo, 2nd Artillery formed part of General von Zieten's Prussian I Corps. They were also engaged on 15th June and at the Battle of Ligny on 16th June

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